Faith Community Recognition

The Faith Community Recognition is a chance for faith communities to receive recognition for achieving health-focused goals. This public recognition opportunity was created by the Mayor’s Health & Fitness Council in 2021 in collaboration with Austin Public Health. We are honored to share the great work of faith communities that serve their congregations through supporting health.


To receive Mayor’s Health & Fitness Council (MHFC) Faith Community Partnership recognition, faith communities must have completed at least two health goals through the Austin Public Health (APH) Faith Community Health Partnership program. The goals address one or more of the following categories:

  • Tobacco-Free Living
  • Physical Activity
  • Nutrition
  • Health Education & Preventive Services

If you have already completed your initial two goals, let your APH  Faith Partnership Liason know that you would like to be recognized for your achievements. They will help you submit your information to MHFC.

To learn more and join the APH Faith Community Health Partnership program visit

Recognized Faith Community Health Partners

Freedom Home Baptist Church

Freedom Home Baptist Church Health Ministry was recognized achieving their ministry’s health goals focused on physical activity, nutrition, safety, weight management, and stress reduction.