• Giving employees flexibility to schedule their work hours can help them to fit in exercise and physical activity.

  • Vending machines can offer healthy snacks and drinks.

  • Farm to Work delivers fresh produce to people where they work.

  • Tobacco-free campuses protect employees and visitors.

The Mayor’s Health & Fitness Council (MHFC) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, founded in 2004. Its vision is for Austin to be the fittest, healthiest community in America. Its mission is to support and inspire people to improve their health by encouraging physical activity, improved nutrition and tobacco-free living.

The council is focused on providing community connections, building alliances and supporting the implementation of best practices and programs that truly affect positive change to healthy lifestyles.

The MHFC meets quarterly at Austin City Hall.  For past meeting materials and useful tools, visit the Members area.

Want to join? Send us an email at info@mhfcaustin.org.

Business Group on Health
Provides a space for Austin employers to network and discuss best practices for evidence-based benefit design and worksite wellness programs.
Partner Certification Program
A mutually beneficial workplace wellness recognition program for Austin-based organizations of all types and sizes.
Austin Chef Showdown
Challenges restaurants and food providers of all types to create a healthy dish and enter it into an annual contest where the public and celebrity judges decide their favorite tasting meals.